Magnis Group, LLC, is a full-service multilingual global consulting, sales & marketing force dedicated to our clients’ success. We offer virtual assistants possessing a wide variety of skills including, but not limited to, secretarial, article writing, social media marketing, web design and IT.

Magnis Group has a remarkable story in that it was founded by two American lawyers who discovered a revolutionary purpose for their extensive international connections as well as their passion for good food and products which enhance the lives of others.

We enjoy successful relationships with trade organizations, governmental authorities, producers, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and importers worldwide.   Magnis Group specializes in market and product development as well as consulting on labeling, regulatory issues, customs, tariffs and trade policies. We facilitate the extensive distribution of our clients’ products thereby increasing their profitability.

Over the years, we recognized that companies were in dire need of cost effective solutions for their staffing needs. Valuable time was wasted by talented and creative individuals on tasks better suited to an assistant or other employee.  Yet, these companies had neither the time to interview and train new staff, nor the funds to cover the expenses of such full-time employees. We determined to provide reliable cost efficient virtual services to assist our clients in becoming more profitable.